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Baltimore City Youth Resource Guide

Committed to Serving Baltimore City Youth

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Baltimore City Youth Action Board

Who We Are

The Baltimore City Youth Action Board is a collective of passionate driven youth with lived experience of homelessness and/or are dedicated to making a positive impact in the community.

This board serves as a catalyst for change fostering collaboration and implementing initiatives that address the unique needs and aspirations of Baltimore's youth concerning homelessness.

With a focus on empowerment and inclusivity, we are the driving force behind innovative projects that strive to create a better future for the city young generation.

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Baltimore City's Youth Empower Youth

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Youth Emergency Services

Youth Mental Health & Self Care

If you or another young person is experiencing any thoughts of killing yourself (SUICIDE), a tragic loss, or recently endured a traumatic experience.  

Seek resources here

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Youth Housing & Emergency Shelter

If you or another young person is undergoing housing instability or are at risk of homelessness

Seek Resources Here

Food,Hygiene,Clothes (F.H.C)

If you or another young person is in need of food, hygiene products and/or clothes 

Seek Resources Here.

Food Preparation
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Work Force Development & Training

If you or another young person is in need of financial stability as a result of lack of work/experience, check out some programs that offer different options for training and developement.

Seek Resources Here

Youth Programs & Recreation

if you are a young person looking for things to do around Baltimore city 

Seek Resources Here

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Taking Notes

Navigation Agencies

if you are need of an agency to help you navigate Baltimore City resources
Seek resources here

Get in Touch

Legal Services

if you are seeking legal help

Seek resources here

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If you are a parent looking for resources

Seek resources now

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Contact us

201 N. Charles Street, Baltimore,MD

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