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Youth Crisis

Youth Mental Health & Self Care Services

Healthcare for the Homeless

421 Fallsway, Baltimore,MD 21202

Health Care for the Homeless provides health care and support for people experiencing homelessness who are living in shelter, transitional housing, doubled up with others, or are unsheltered.

Parker Psychiatric


Outpatient mental healt services, psychiatric, substance use, PRP

Baltimore Crisis Response

Open 24/7

Counseling for people in a mental health crisis.

Youth Mental Health & Self Care Services: List

Catholic Charities

320 Cathedral Street Baltimore, MD 21201
Call: 667-600-3451 or 667-600-20000

Job Skills Training, Legal Aid, Professional Skill Training , Personal skill training, Metal Health Care, Behavioral Health Care, Financial Literacy, GED Certification, & Mentoring.

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HEBCAC: The Nest (Shelter)

Workforce Development, Education, Recovery support

Center for Youth & Families

217 E. Baltimore street , Baltimore, MD

Offers PRP and IOP. Yoga, workout/fitness, horticulture, self-care, self- Love, art sessions, cooking clubs, community tips.

Safe Streets

Call: 667-600-2899

Educational Opportunities, Employment Assistance, Substance Abuse Treatment, & Mental health services.

Youth Mental Health & Self Care Services: List
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