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Baltimore City Youth Action Board

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The Youth Action Board (YAB) is a group of young individuals who have experienced homelessness and/or have a passion for making change. The Youth Action Board is connected to the Continuum of Care (COC), which is a collaborative network working to address homelessness. The YAB seeks to provided insight, perspective and experience related to services and policies affecting homeless youth within the community. The Youth Action Board is a platform for youth to advocate for themselves and contribute to the development of programs within the Continuum of Care.

About Us: Welcome

Damel Ross

Co- Chair

"My goal is to make sure every inner city youth feels "seen" and their voices "heard". I want to make sure I'm doing my duty in providing resources and information to Baltimore City Youth."

Levy Johnson


"Changing the Narrative by Empowering Underserved youth to be leaders in Baltimore City."


Saleen Lewis


"I strive to one day dismantle systematic barriers for housing, education, healthcare, indigenous sovereignty, and freedom of expression." - Saleen

Davia P


" I have a passion for advocating on behalf of my peers  (Youth) to ensure our perspective is respected and our voices are heard"


Camiera Turner

Data Entry & Data Analys

" My mission is to reduce youth homelessness and overall have it come to an end here in Baltimore. I am able to take my lived experience and apply it to breaking barriers and removing the hardships that Baltimore City Youth face everyday."

About Us: Team

Youth-Adult Collaborator


Edward Blackstone

Homeless Persons Representation Project (H.P.R.P)

"I work primarily with the YAB to accomplish any and all their goals. I'm dedicating my life to the next generation of Baltimore so the work I do with and on the behalf of the YAB is an honor and a privilege. It's my goal to help the YAB become future leaders of tomorrow and create a powerbaye for future leaders for generations to come."

About Us: Team

Meet our Sponsors

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Homeless Person Representation Project

focused on Outreach, legal representation, and advocacy for and with homeless youth ages 13-25 who are unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.


Annie & Casey Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is developing a brighter future for children and youth at risk of poor educational, economic, social and health outcomes.

About Us: Team
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